Author Matthew C Funk

I’ve always wanted to tell the untold stories, to bend everyone’s ear to the voice from the other side of the tracks, the coin, the sword. I’m driven to turn whispers into songs that enchant the listener. I want what you never knew existed to leave an impact forever.

That’s the kind of story that’s kept me up through the break of dawn, made my heart race for months on end and sent me down mile-long rabbit holes of research, and it’s also shaped my career. I entered marketing because I wanted to learn the science of storytelling, and I entered digital marketing because its laboratory had the best tools to do that. A decade later, with Web 2.0 platforms observing every audience reaction imaginable, I’ve learned how to weave stories through moments in time that span seasons, echo their message across platforms and arrive at just the right time. I’ve learned a lot about the audience. Arguably, too much. 

My relentless need to tell the right story remains, even as my abilities to tell it have spread across a multi-media net. I’ve learned how to change lives with my narratives. In the case of many small businesses and their customers, I’ve done it. Now I’m on a mission to change the world, for millions, for the sake of those stories that they never guessed were true.

I’m an enterprise-level marketing exec, an omni-channel storyteller, an award-winning author and still, in my heart, the teenager who woke up before dawn wondering who was suffering out in the night, unheard.


My Story

My story, literally, began with Gloria, and she’s been hand-in-hand with my heart ever since. I was her first and only son, and she and my father gave me an excellent life, despite the terminal cancer that haunted and harrowed a decade of our time together. My parents taught me that happiness was not a matter of luck but of effort, that patience and planning would succeed where talent often failed, and that love was indeed the greatest meaning to life. My mother, especially, taught me to judge a person by the content of their character only, and to seek the truth beneath the glossy veneer.

Those were important principles where I was raised, in the shadow of Tinseltown, the San Fernando Valley. I spent enough time around the various echelons of the Hollywood elite to learn that satisfaction and success were two very different things. So I resolved to do something, to say and be something, of worth. 

There has seemed no worthier cause than to empower the oppressed, to bring the hidden to light and to give people joy in the process. The truth is what we all claim to seek. It’s the only path to peace. To be its instrument is the best calling I can imagine, and I have quite the imagination. It’s the best way I know to do the quiet strength of my mother, and millions like her, justice.

I’ve applied my skills to assisting people from all walks of life – from enterprise-level agencies to international startups, local businesses still striving to make it through their first annual plan, and thousands of readers amused by my fiction. I can business consult, I can life coach, I can teach people how to take a dream and string it into a publishable novel. I can even win awards for it. 

I want, above all else, to use it to make lives better. That’s why I’m glad you’ve come here. My stories aren’t about me. My stories are about someone like you.

Their Story

What others have said about Matthew C. Funk:

“A breathtaking debut—bursting with both rage and violence as well as compassion and heart. One of the best first novels I’ve read in years.”     —Duane Swierczynski 

Matt excelled at the hardest boiled stories from the Desire projects in New Orleans, and police stories set there. His stories were short and sharp, like a hideout punch dagger to kidneys.” —Thomas Pluck

Matthew is a gentleman, an auteur of the written canvas and will speak at length with knowledge about the process of writing.” —Kent Gowran

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